MemoryID® is an advanced biometrics technology with privacy-friendly features that put YOU in control. MemoryID is a result of 15 years of Research and Development.

Reduce Costs

Simplify and Reduce implementation costs

MemoryID® is compatible with commonly available devices and has no special hardware requirements - eliminating implementation friction and reducing costs.

Flexible and Accurate - Works with Face Masks, Eyeglasses

MemoryID® features the best balance in accuracy and flexibility and performs biometrics identification without compromising security. MemoryID® can identify an individual even with face masks on.

MemoryID Identification with Face Masks
MemoryID Cross Platform Support

First-of-its-Kind Cross Platform Authentication – Android, iOS, Web and Desktops

MemoryID® is the only biometrics technology that works across all platforms using a single API with one biometrics master data.

MemoryID® instantly authenticates your customers even if they switch the platform without re-enrolment.

Deploy in Cloud, On-Premise and Hybrid environments

Deploy MemoryID® in your cloud or on-premise without restrictions. MemoryID® works with major cloud computing providers.

MemoryID supports Cloud, On-Premise and Hybrid deployments
Instantly Connect your apps with MemoryID using TrustIDConnect

Instantly Connect your apps with MemoryID® using TrustIDConnect™ API

TrustIDConnect™ supports all platforms, including iOS and Android, both mobile and desktop. A single API for cloud, on-site, and hybrid environments; no need for messy installations, separate hardware/software, or frequent IT support calls.

Deploy in Minutes

Instantly deploy MemoryID® in minutes using ready-to-use TrustIDConnect™ APIs.

TrustIDConnect enables Quick Integration

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