Protect Transactions with Seamless and Reliable Authentication

As we evolve with newer technology and facilities, security becomes a key factor to be considered. Banking is one critical area where technology plays key role yet security becomes the key to unlock the benefits of technology. And, Security in mobility is the top of the order priority.

Transaction Authentication System from Ashade Tech will let you secure your mobile transactions, in a user-friendlier way.

10 Fingerprints

Ashade Tech Transaction Authentication System is a real-time Transaction Authentication using Biometric Technology.

This system protects all customers of the bank, corporations and financial institutions involved in online, remote transactions such as,

  • Phone IVR Banking
  • ATM Banking
  • Mobile phone / Internet Banking - using Desktop, Laptop, Notebooks, Tablets
  • Internet purchases
  • Credit Card / Debit Card transactions
  • Point of Sale

This system features quick deployment without need for additional infrastructure investments.

Core functions

  • Ensure end-users are protected from fraudulent online transactions (payments, etc.).
  • Facilitates elimination of annual budgetary provision for the settlement of claims by customers for fraudulent online transactions.
  • Improving credibility and reputation in the industry and resulting in increase trust by the public and community.
  • Eliminating loss of customers due to fraudulent transactions.
  • Provides strict Regulatory Compliance respect to Internet Security.

Key Advantages:

  • Eliminates unauthorized transactions entirely
  • Reducing the liability risks and costs
  • Quick implementation and enables quick adoption - current process flows are not changed.
  • Improves Customer's Satisfaction.
  • Improves credibility and public perception.
  • Contributing to increasing the National Entity rating.
  • Industry security standards compliance and more...