Securing Network from known and unknown Threats

XVanara® is an integrated network security solution for securing computer networks from threats and to prevent confidential data leaks.

In today's threat environment, traditional approaches to securing networks are necessary but not enough. Attacks on networks are more disruptive and expensive than ever, threatening productivity, customer service, and business continuity.

Today every network device, whether internal or external, now represents a potential point of entry. As a result, the best place to apply security policies and control these points is the network itself. By incorporating an intelligent filtering system into the infrastructure, the network is able to react to known attacks and adapt to new ones.


XVanara features multiple layers of security such as:

  • A single security component with seven layers of OSI protection (L2-7) with filtering capabilities at the network and application-level protocol.
  • Protection against internal and external attacks to the network. Integrates with single sign-on, offers detailed logging, supports powerful content filtering, and deep packet inspection for complete protection to Web service, e-mail, file transfer, Windows services, DNS, and other network protocols.
  • Controls wireless traffic through wireless intrusion detection and prevention, secured wireless roaming, and wireless guest services to 802.11 a/b/g

By detecting all forms of worms and viruses, even those without an identifiable pattern, these threats are prevented from infecting the computing system. Protection is carried out without any pattern databases, enabling it to work against both known and unknown content.

This fail-proof, unique system requires only a one-time investment and is fully compatible with most platforms.


  • Integrated solution for all network systems, servers, and workstations
  • One-time install, NEVER requiring maintenance or updates again
  • Platform independent, supporting a wide range of platforms
  • Prevents known and unknown treats using binary patterns, execution patterns, and other methods
  • Built-in document control to safely manage the movement of documents

XVanara® have already been adopted by several government agencies and corporations. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about protecting your organization.